Gaston YouthWorks, Gearing Up For Life
Gearing up for the Summer Work Program
Gaston YouthWorks is gearing up for the Summer Work Program. We are excited to announce that we not only have our excising placements but we have brand new placements as well. 

The students who are invited to participate in our Summer Work Program will be asked to attend several workshops from April to June in order to be eligible to work. 

Our SWP will run from June 23, 2015 to July 23, 2015. We will have an end of summer celebration for our students who complete the program. 

We look forward to another successful Summer Program.
Now accepting applications for Youth Ages 16-21!
The Gaston YouthWorks Program is now accepting applications for Youth ages 16-21. If you are in-school or out-of-school we would be happy to help.  Must meet income and other requirements.  Please contact one of the following enrollment specialists to apply or for more information:
Youth Center - 704-830-1420
Jennifer Etters - 704-830-1426
Kimber Caldwell - 704-830-1422
Tanya Osbia - 704-830-1421 
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